Dear Caliterra Residents

We hope you and your families are safe and sound during these uncertain and challenging times. The last few months have been a roller coaster of events and emotions and we just want to take a moment to reach out and thank you for choosing to make Caliterra your home.

We know it has been a strange and trying time for you and your families, as it has been for our own. We, as the developer, appreciate your understanding and your patience as we all learn to navigate through constant change and these unprecedented times together. Below is an update on the status of our various facilities as well as a development update.

Caliterra’s Facilities

The Cove – (pool complex) – When we first announced the new reservation system, there was much debate among the residents. The government recommended/required regulations seemed to change every week and sometimes conflicted between different agencies. We worked hard to keep our rules as consistent as possible and we want to thank you for working with us to learn the system and follow the rules (masks, social distancing, and bringing your own chair) so the pool could remain open. With school starting back, either virtually or in person, along with the additional cost of monitors and cleanings, the BOD has decided the pool will close the day after Labor Day (September 8), at the end of its usual summer run. Thank you again for a helping us get through these uncharted waters.

The Hall – (event pavilion) – While still open for reservations of small groups, we are requiring a $125 sanitation fee be paid prior to use. Since this facility is an indoor enclosed space, this fee is needed to clean the facility between resident group uses. The Board of Directors will revisit the need for the fee once there is a better understanding of how COVID-19 is spread.

The Run – (dog park) – We are happy to announce the dog park is open! While we had originally planned all kinds of pet-friendly opening activities, due to COVID-19 regulations we were unable to put on the grand opening celebration we had envisioned. Once we have a better understanding of how COVID-19 is spread, we will add chairs and tables to the facility for the human users. Until then, this facility will adhere to the same rules as the pool, where you are welcome to bring your own chair as you watch your dog run leash-free inside the fence. For the Human visitors, please remember to maintain social distancing and wear a face mask if required by the governing agencies. You will find a doggy station just outside the entrance as a gentle reminder to please “Scoop the Poop” and keep the facility clean for everyone.

Caliterra Parkway – As you may have noticed, we are in the finishing stages of the parkway landscaping from the Onion Creek bridge to the roundabout at the top of the hill. It will take some time for the native grasses to fill in and we will be irrigating the area daily. During this time, we will not be able to mow those areas, as the new grasses need time to grow and establish before we can reduce watering to a point where mowing equipment can be in the area without damaging the new growth. Weeds will take advantage of the over irrigation and grow like crazy. Please know that we will address those areas as the native grasses begin to take hold and it may seem unsightly for a short time after completion, but it will be addressed when the time is right.

The Springs – (splash fountains) – The repairs to the Springs were a bit more involved than we originally estimated. Due to COVID-19 related supply chain issues, the parts needed took longer than usual to arrive. Once we peeled back the surface, we found underground water infiltration into the facility. This took some time to evaluate and execute a plan to re-direct the underground water around the facility so that it was not affecting the fountain operations and equipment. The repairs are now complete, but due to COVID-19, the Board of Directors has decided to keep the facility closed at this time. The Springs are chlorinated, but not to the constant higher level of our pool. We have also had many residents concerned that when we keep our facilities open, while the city and county close their park facilities, that Caliterra draws visitors into the community looking for a relaxing escape. It’s a delicate balance, and one we hope you know we take seriously.

The Playscape – (at the Hall) and the Treehouse (playscape) – Both playscapes remain open at this time. We advise everyone that the playscapes are “use at your own risk” facilities, especially since we do not fully understand how the COVID-19 virus is spread. We have debated with legal and health experts about the risk involved in keeping the facilities open, when other cities and jurisdictions have closed their playgrounds. At this time, we feel the playscape can be used safely by our residents (but with a level of risk) as long as recommended face masks and social distancing is followed.

The Front Porch – (welcome center and coffee lounge) – LeMuse coffee remains open for grab and go service. Please stop by and see Juan for your caffeine needs (or other beverages). Face Mask are required to enter the building.

Security – Caliterra is not a gated or guarded community, but we do take security seriously. We had a report during the stay-at-home orders that items left in cars parked in homeowners’ driveways overnight were taken from multiple vehicles. After discussions with the Sheriff and local police, it seems it was not only our community, but several others in the area, that reported similar incidents. To ensure a safe and secure community, we are upgrading and expanding our current security camera system, at the developer’s expense. Upgrades at the Hall complex and the Cove pool complex should be complete in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, you will see a camera system being installed at the entrance to Caliterra. These upgrades will not only deter criminal activity, but also aid the authorities in investigation and prosecution should any future incidents occur.


Next Phase of Home Sites – We are planning to begin construction of our next phase of lots for the community. Section 11 in the back of the community should begin construction in October and be complete in late summer of 2021. This new section located just south of Section 9 (completed earlier this year), will include the completion of Premier Park Loop which will define “The Back 40” – our Oak Savannah and prairie short grass and wildflower restoration area. With Premier Park Loop completion, we also finally gain access to “The Holler”, our ecological reserve that connects us to a portion of “Turkey Hollow” in the back corner of our community. Both of these parks are in design and planned improvements will begin in late 2021 and continue well into 2022 when trails will be installed and native grasses, along with wildflowers, will be seeded in the spring of 2022 and allowed to establish over the summer months.

We do want to take a moment and remind everyone to please not venture off existing trails and past fence lines. These fence lines can define adjacent properties and our construction sites. Our neighbors want us to remind our residents that trespassing on their properties is not allowed. As construction starts in our community, we want to also remind everyone to not access these active construction sites. The big heavy machinery will begin moving around and visibility of ground level activity is severely limited. We know it’s hard to wait, but we do not want residents to be injured on an active construction site, so please refrain from venturing into the active construction sites, or undeveloped areas. Thank you.

As the cooler weather approaches and we better understand Covid-19, we are hopeful that we can begin gathering together again for events in Caliterra. Until then, we are not out of the woods just yet, and we will continue taking our direction from local, state, and federal agencies to adjust our rules and protocols as necessary to keep our residents safe while trying to continue as normal as possible.

As we all move forward, please remember to be mindful and respectful of each other and follow the recommended COVID-19 protocols when in public. Let’s keep our Caliterra facilities and Texas businesses open by wearing face masks and practicing social distancing whenever possible.

Thank you for taking the time to review the information and as always, please keep yourself and your family safe during these challenging times.


The Allegiant Development team